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On Feb 6, 2008, at 10:36 AM, Peter Jacobi wrote:

Nice work!

Glad you like it :)

I don't know, what you're intending to do with this,

Well... release it properly first. The site above is just a demo. This is meant to be used as a software package.

but I'd suggest two features anyway:

(1) Professional quality output for print, IMHO best using conversion
to LaTeX and then pdflatex. This
is easiest to add, while the markup is still simple (it would be
rather impossible by now for MediaWiki
which allows so much HTML+CSS), and while incremental adding features,
you can always
have the requirements of conversion to LaTeX in mind.

Yes, printing definitively needs some work. Will look into that.

(2) Math: Any serious article in mathematics, physics etc need
formulas. You can provide support
for formulas without much to do on the server side using jsMath[1],
and as the formula source is in
LaTeX you can directly feed it to step (1).

Thanks for the pointer. Will check how such libraries could fit in.

P.S. Please note that it would be better to have a backlink to
Wikipedia, a mentioning and
on-line copy of the GFDL and not to have the Wikimedia logo on your site.

It's a wiki. Feel free to edit it :)

The logo is gone. There should be a link back to Wikipedia on every articles as this data comes from "Wikipedia for Schools".

Thanks for the feedbacks.