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A demo of Nanoki, a simple wiki engine, is available online:

The demo features content from "Wikipedia for Schools", a small subset (~4,000 articles) of Wikipedia proper:

Nanoki provides the usual wiki fairs, such as an embedded editor:

The editor uses Markdown syntax:

The editor provides a revisions history:

As well as delta between revisions:

Additionally, there are a couple of navigation features such as a table of content:

A publication date index:

As well as an index of recent changes:

Last, but not least, a simple search is available:

Aside from XHTML, most view can represent themselves as an Atom feed:

Most contemporary browsers should automatically indicate the presence of such a feed. Alternatively, add a .xml extension to any of the URL, e.g.:

The articles themselves have two additional representations as well, text and lua:

Finally, there is an "About" page :)

Nanoki is implemented in Lua, with the support of a handful of native libraries.

Nanoki uses the file system itself to store its data as serialized Lua table.

The demo runs as a cluster of 4 Nanoki instances behind a reverse HTTP proxy. The server itself is a Mac mini running Mac OS X.

Feel free to kick the tires and play with it.

The source code and subversion repository are available for perusal as well:


Feedbacks welcome.