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> CMake has ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND which allows you to do anything.  If you
> want to knock yourself out with Lua or Python or Perl or Ruby
> scripting, you can.  I don't think "in a more unified fashion" is a
> compelling benefit.

For me it is.  I want all of the dynamically interpreted stuff related
to my app in one language so I can build a coherent and holistic
approach to application programming.  I'm interested in where the
boundaries between the build system and the app itself blur.  Having a
build system in autoconf or CMake while the runtime environment of the
app is in Lua does jive well with that goal.  This may seem like an
odd thing to want to do, but I have my reasons which I won't go into
right now.  My end goal is to have every step of the app from build
structure to app preferences to runtime configuration and so one
expressed as Lua scripts.