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On Jan 31, 2008 7:33 PM, Brandon Van Every <> wrote:
> In the Python universe I know there are draconian
> hurdles to pass before anyone's even willing to
> consider talking about such things.

The fact that people are not afraid to bounce ideas around
doesn't mean those idea go into the language. This is just
an unusually friendly and non-intimidating mailing list.

Lua is certainly not a democracy, it's the product of good
design and carefully controlled evolution by a small team
of smart guys ( They've
managed to continually improve the language over the
course of 15 years without sacrificing any of it's ideals
(size, efficiency, portability, economy of concepts, etc.)

The language is very stable now. Check out the version
history (  the last major
version change was 5 years ago. Maybe it was just bad
timing when you joined the list, because you definitely got
the wrong impression.