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On Jan 31, 2008 5:22 PM, Miles Bader <> wrote:
> "Brandon Van Every" <> writes:
> > it's making me wonder how mature Lua actually is, or how
> > complicated it's actually going to become.  I'm starting to see the
> > advantages of simpler languages with fewer ways of doing things.
> You've got to be kidding...  You're saying this about _Lua_?!

Yes I am.  In the few weeks I've been lurking on this mailing list, my
impression is that everyone and their mother's uncle has got some
patch they want to submit to the language.  In the Python universe I
know there are draconian hurdles to pass before anyone's even willing
to consider talking about such things.  I don't know about the patch
culture of other languages; Python is probably an extreme case.  Here
on this list, I still don't know who the core Lua gatekeepers are, or
how seriously any given proposal is taken.  My seat of the pants
impression is I don't see anyone obviously in authority about patch
submissions, and people just enjoy talking about their personal
projects.  This is great from an experimental roll-your-own language
toolkit standpoint, but for someone searching for a standardized
language, it doesn't leave a good impression.  It makes the language
look more like a playground in ferment.

As far as relative complexity, I'm realizing that CMake script is a
lot simpler than Lua.  Trivial really.

Brandon Van Every