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> The problem is I am not homophobic. I thought your comments were a joke.
Yeah, and Larry Craig is not gay, or so he says, again and again. Of
course my comments were a joke, but there's a kernel of truth that makes
it so funny. What's even funnier is how upset they make some people, who
can't come up with any better arguments against Lisp than "too many

Please, you've really, really got to be more careful about this socio-political stuff. I just waded incredulously through how many mouse wheel spins worth of this, wondering why on earth it was happening on the Lua list, thinking you were completely serious?

Anyways, back on topic, I use Lua at work for small-scale tool smithing, especially to test output of programs over the network, and such things, and I enjoy showing off my little Lua programs over my shoulder when the opportunity arises. Been trying to promote / leverage it in that way.