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Don Hopkins wrote:
)))) is legal in C, C++, Lua, Pascal, JavaScript, and most other languages, so what's wrong with that?

You rarely ever need to get more than )) deep. Thats trivial to match.
In Lisp you are nearly always knee deep in the things. And that was where I ran into trouble.

it so funny. What's even funnier is how upset they make some people, who can't come up with any better arguments against Lisp than "too many parenthesis".

Well I could have mentioned the platofrms argument other peolpe have mentioned, but my main pain point (which you are unwilling to accept for some strange reason) was parentheses.

I only found the platforms issue a problem recently when I decided to re-investiage where Lisp was at (about a year ago) and found that threre doens't appear to be a standard, but several standards (so which one to choose?) That and combined with other work pressures I turned my attention to something more relevant to my business.

The other thing is I have never associated someone have a Lisp or any form of speech impediment with them being homosexual. I think you'd have to be pretty weird to make such an association. Camp behaviour often associated with some gay men has nothing to do with Lisping speech, nothing whatsoever.
Are you saying that with a straight face, or is that a joke?

Straight face. I've met (or seen them on TV) many camp men. None of them Lisp. So you associate speech impediments with homosexuality? Seriously, if you do, you need help. Would it help you to know that 95% of all men and women that have lisps and speech impediments are heterosexual?

What planet
have you been living on? Have you ever watched American television?

No, I don't live there. Of all the US programs that are shown here the above comments I make hold true.

"A gay lisp is actually not a lisp but refers to stereotypical speech

Thanks, you have just proved my point. I wonder if you know what a proper lisp or other speech impediment sounds like?

Would you really name a programming language after the Dutch word for "prick", if you knew that was what it meant?

No. The guy named it Laser scan User Language => lul. Lul is not English so they added a second silent l to get "lull" which is an English word. They found out about "prick" years later, with some embarassment.

Lots of people use Perl and C++ in a way they think makes them macho. In

Good for them. That is not relevant to my comments.

Rather than 2 years of "it really shouldn't be this unproductive".
Why were you so unproductive?

I've already explained that. Given that at the time I ported several embedded systems from proprietary hardware to PC cross assemblers and checked all the eproms had the same image in a fraction of the time their previous people had ever done the work I have no doubts in knowing that I was very productive and would have been more so if not for the problems I describe. Sadly you have failed to acccept the explanation.
Look to yourself for the answer.

Considering my initial reply to this thread was on topic (and recommended dropping the in house language in favour of Lua (or another scripting language)), you have now dragged this way off topic all because you can't get over your own congnitive dissonance that someone has expressed an opinion about a language you like. Want to go around slagging of whatever language I like? Go for it! Think I'll respond like you have? Not a chance.

You seem to have a problem with homosexuals and accepting that other people can and do have differing opinions. I have no wish to continue this discussion. You will just accept that other people have different opinions than you and most of their opinions do not center about some, in my view, idiotic, theory of latent homophobia.