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Funny, au contraire, I've always thought of LISP as a very macho
language, that didn't believe in sugar (hence the famous quote
'syntactical sugar gives you cancer of the semi-colon'). The  attitude
seems to be: 'Programs are data. Get over it'.  It is a very elegant
and direct expression of a mathematical framework (lambda calculus)
and that appeals to the computer scientists.

But here, we have a perfectly good language, with anonymous functions,
closures, etc, without 30 years of intellectual baggage. And Fabien is
very happy to organize LISP-style macros for you in Lua.

I enjoyed LISP in my youth because it was the only interpreted
higher-level language on the mainframe. Since then I haven't missed

steve d.

On Nov 28, 2007 1:59 PM, Don Hopkins <> wrote:
> The fact that you've never consciously thought about the name of Lisp
> before, but you still have knee-jerk problem with parenthesis from 20
> years ago, just goes to support my theory about the cognitive dissonance
> of the name "Lisp" and many people's unconscious internalized
> homophobia