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@Don: your theory is fine for US people, but lack of love for Lisp is also observed in non-English speaking places. I learned quite recently that the word "lisp" also had another meaning than "nail clippings in oatmeal".

My guess would rather be that Lisp doesn't encourage common idioms and development approaches across people and teams, which makes it hard to:
- get into code you didn't develop
- work with more than a couple of teammates
- find a library that addresses your problem
- if you have several problems and find a lib to address each of them, get those libs to work together despite their incompatible macro hacks.

That, and Lisp took waaaay too long to acknowledge its platforms. It pretended to be OS independent, which meant many non-standard, non-compatible ways to interface with OSes, and therefore, plenty of platform issues as soon as you wanted to port or deploy a non-trivial solution. As written somewhere by Paul Graham, "Unix has won, get used to it".