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Haha, lovely mental image; "Beard Scratching Internt vs. Pointy Hair Boss"

yes, let's drop this thread finally.

Stephen Kellett wrote:

Stefan Sandberg wrote:
W8, I didn't understand what you meant with the EULA thing there...?

You are not allowed to copy MS CRT debug DLLs between organisations (its been in every version of the Visual Studio EULA).

In other words you cannot supply me with a debug build of your app and the dlls to go with it AND comply with the EULA.

So basically if you are given a debug app to look at to diagnose a problem and the manifest causes it to break, you are hosed. Short of the person who gave you the app giving you the source code and the project files to rebuild it yourself you cannot get a working binary.

Of course if they do that you won't necessarily have the exact same binary they tried to give you, so you have a small chance of not being able to repro the bug.

And of course in most cases, while they may be willing to give you a debug app, often they cannot or will not give you the source etc for very sound commercial reasons or pointy hair boss interference reasons.

MS have good reasons for that restriction in the EULA. Without it some people would release their debug program, rather than the release build (because my release version has a bug in it!). So the EULA is OK. The manifest concept is OK. Mix them together, shake a bit and a few people are completely screwed. Playing the percentage game, the number of people messed up by this is so small it isn't on MS's radar.

At this point I think topic has drifted far enough from the original point of manifests causing some people problems that we should stop.