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Doug Currie wrote:
On Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Asko Kauppi wrote:
I'd feel going git would endanger getting even subproject
fragmentation, wouldn't it? :)

Not to mention the lack of Windows support for git:

Git is supported on Windows in the mingw port... There's also some support brewing quickly in 'egit' for Eclipse. Good for you LuaEclipse users out there.

Fragmentation wouldn't be a problem at all... if a project allowed for 'official' distributed dev, then changes would be significantly easier to give back in an organized way. Ex: Support for a new DB could be worked/tested/etc in a branch of LuaSQL and then when the dev thought it good enough to merge into mainline, a patchset could be submitted that would merge cleanly in. Fragmentation would be a result of difficulty in submitting changes and of sharing those changes before they would be merged (or not).