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Tim Johnson wrote:
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> PHP and perl are used reluctantly and there are frequent conversations and
> questions about replacing those resources with some other PL. It should be 
> noted that all use POSIX-style regexp extensively.

Not trying to be a traitor here, but if you are looking for a
more-or-less complete platform, then it might be better to stick
to PHP, Perl or Python for scripting. If you need to cater for the
possibility of scripts extending to various uses in the future,
having a more complete platform that is more often used by
developers in general might be better than maintaining Lua plus a
bundle of modules. Nowadays, lots of languages have more-or-less
POSIX regexes, even Java and C# but Perl or Python programs are
almost always smaller. Hiring also ought to be easier.

Instead of your looking at Lua, I'm more curious about: Why the
need to replace PHP and Perl in the first place? Those often work
pretty well. What are the reasons put forward? This may not be
entirely on-topic for this list, but it does have to do with the
use of scripting languages in general and it might be useful
information to know and understand. Not everything is a perfect
match for Lua...

> [snip]

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia