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I'm a programmer - mostly web development and related projects
in *nix environments. 
I'm researching Lua, working from the tutorials and "Programming
in Lua" and have ordered the Lua 5.1 Reference Manual.

I belong to a professional organization that is mostly sysadmins
in *nix environments most of whom also do some programming.

PHP and perl are used reluctantly and there are frequent conversations and
questions about replacing those resources with some other PL. It should be 
noted that all use POSIX-style regexp extensively.

I believe that the lua pattern matching system is more than adequate
for my usage, however, should I do a presentation to the organization,
I believe that I will be asked the following question:

""" If lua is so extendable, is there a patch available that will enable
     full regexp functionality? 
Any and all comments are welcome.
Tim Johnson
Alaska Internet Solutions
Palmer Alaska USA