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On 10/26/07, Colin <> wrote:
> Is calling resetstack() before throwing the exception sufficient?

Looking into things a bit more, apparently not. It seems I would need
to handle errors as in luaD_pcall, which isn't actually hard to do,
but it's not clear whether lua_call should do it or if a new function
should, say "lua_ecall". Either one would probably work, though I'd
have to be careful about changing the behavior of lua_call, since it's
used in the libraries.

On a related note, I've noticed that a couple calls to luaD_throw
don't push an error message onto the stack first. Is there any
criteria for when this happens/doesn't happen?

I guess it's a good thing someone else looked at this, since my tests
didn't reveal anything going awry. :)

- James