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It would be really worth thinking (for Lua authors) whether something like this (the C++ header only approach) could reside in the /etc folder of official Lua releases.

As to the "one or more implementations" issue, isn't LuaJIT kind of a second implementation, already?   (don't need to answer)

Will we need a compatibility test suite, soon?  :P

How about Lua in Python?  :PP


RJP Computing kirjoitti 24.10.2007 kello 21:01:

I use a C++ wrapper called Luaxx. It is a header only approach. I really like it. I have made additions to it. It had a few problems compiling on MinGW and VC, but I fixed them. I tried to contact the developer, but I got no response. I will post it when I get the compiling on Linux issues squared away

 Here are the details for the original:
RJP Computing