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Ketmar Dark wrote:
> btw: you'd better not use LuaJIT disasm for 16-bit disassembly -- there
> are weird bugs with 16-bit mode. especially with MOD/RM decrypting. and
> it falls with operand sizes too. nevertheless, the code is brilliant. i
> loose my early fixes and now i can't use simple 'diff' to send fixes
> back to Mike, but i'll try to send some fixed code for disasm later.

Umm, you mean dis_x86.lua? Well, the comments clearly state:

  "The supported instruction set is quite extensive
   and reflects what a current generation P4 or K8 implements
   in ***32 bit mode***. Yes, this includes MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3,
   SSSE3 and even privileged instructions.

It's not a bug -- it was never intended to work in 16 bit mode.
But who needs this anymore?

> no fatal bugs in asm found so far (i'm not using asm for 16 bit %-).

One bug found so far: the 2nd instance of cmpsd_3 in dasm_x86.lua
should really be cmpss_3 (F3 0F C2 *).