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The LuaJIT website said to post questions here. 
I hope it's the right place.

LuaJIT is pretty amazing. I'm trying to get my head around DynASM.
I'm going to state what I think it is, and people please jump in
and correct me where I'm wrong or confused:

DynASM appears to take x86 opcodes as input, generates some sort 
of intermediate non-CPU-specific representation, and then creates 
machine code for x86.

Even if DynASM *could* target other CPU architectures (which I don't 
think it does yet), such as ARM or MIPS, would the DynASM input still 
remain this x86-like opcode syntax?

The design choice of using x86 opcode syntax for DynASM's input - was 
it somewhat arbitrary?  Was it used because it was a relatively simple
machine model with a small number of registers?


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