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Yikes, what have I done...

Don't worry. This is was a perfectly civilized discussion.
We are all always fighting to keep things as small and
simple as possible, while serving the most users possible.
Although the specific case at hand is off-topic, this is a
recurring philosophical issue on the list (see the loadlib
vs. RTTI case).

Anyways, I will move this outside the list to reduce noise.
Interested parties please e-mail me in private.

I believe the "solution" will be as such:

    keep everything lower-case in the API
    right before sending, remap key names according to "canonic names"
    copy "canonic names" from most popular web browser of the moment

That way we can say: "See, doesn't work with Internet Explorer
either". <cynicism> And in a few years we will start replicating
Internet Explorer known bugs too. </cynicism> :)