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Yikes, what have I done...

Perhaps the best way to handle this is to keep the original lowercase headers for the http.request(str) method and allow case-specific headers for the http.request(table) method.

That way the developer makes the decision!


On Oct 20, 2007, at 8:24 PM, gary ng wrote:

--- Diego Nehab <> wrote:
Are you telling me many of these routers fail with
Authentication vs. authentication problem? Or is
this just a
hunch? Why are you saying the servers were written
No. I am not saying that many of these routers fail
but that there can be lots of these "write once" httpd
that serve their intended purpose(manage the device by
IE) and you have to give some slack to the programmers
as well. They are not being asked to write apache but
one that works for IE. So it is a bug and who care if
it doesn't show up in IE ? It may be a one day
assignment as these things have very cut throat price.
They really should not DIY but use one that is already
available like thttpd or even xavante.

So if you think you don't want to bother with them, I
am fine. I just want to point out the situation which
seems to be what is happening in the originally
reported case.

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