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Yuri Takhteyev wrote:
> Will there be any support for exporting to other document format?
> Being able to save the documents in a format like ODT, xhtml or
> markdown would increase the usefulness by a few orders of magnitude!

I have written a primitive ODT exporter in Lua for the SciTE
editor (SciteLuaExporters). A primitive one isn't hard to write,
so it is definitely do-able. It will bloat David's word processor
by quite a lot, though. No more small and lean... :-)

The main problem is the performance of calculating CRC in Lua, in
wrapping the stuff into a zip container (with zero compression).
IIRC during testing, it seems that the old 2.0beta
loads an ODT with incorrect CRC as well, but then I think that
won't be a compliant ODT file.

Other than that, auto-generating ODT is an incredibly convenient
way of getting all the styling you want done without actually
doing any heavy-lifting -- just write out some XML files.

> Otherwise this looks great.  I just installed it on Ubuntu without any
> hiccups.  (No luck so far on a dreamhost server without root access,
> but I'll get there I am sure.)

> On 10/14/07, David Given <> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> I've just written a word processor. From scratch. In 5500 lines of code. I do
>> like this language.
>> [snip]

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia