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Will there be any support for exporting to other document format?
Being able to save the documents in a format like ODT, xhtml or
markdown would increase the usefulness by a few orders of magnitude!

Otherwise this looks great.  I just installed it on Ubuntu without any
hiccups.  (No luck so far on a dreamhost server without root access,
but I'll get there I am sure.)

- yuri

On 10/14/07, David Given <> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> I've just written a word processor. From scratch. In 5500 lines of code. I do
> like this language.
> It's a text-mode word processor, which runs in a Unix terminal. It supports
> basic markup, a nice menu-based interface, decent Unicode support (no rtl or
> combined characters, but single and double width glyphs work fine), and a
> bunch of the standard features you'd expect from a word processor.
> It consists of 1200 lines of C, mostly to do with ncursesw interfacing and
> UTF-8 handling, and 4200 lines of Lua, which contains everything else
> (including UI and redraw code). The C is all very low level and is mostly just
> to do things that can't be conveniently done in Lua, like byte-by-byte string
> manipulation. The stripped binary is slightly under 16kB (using a shared
> library for Lua).
> Lua Unicode hackers might be interested to know that UTF-8 is used throughout
> the entire program. *All* strings are stored in UTF-8, and they're never
> broken down into UCS-4 codepoint arrays at any point. While I did do this
> slightly to prove a point, once I got my head around the different way of
> working, it actually went rather smoothly.
> It's not as fast as it could be; when I run WordGrinder on my 266MHz ARM box
> it can't quite keep up with the screen scrolling. However, on my desktop the
> only time it ever stops to think is when loading and saving [*]. One day I
> should try running it with the JIT and see if that makes a difference.
> Interested parties may wish to rip out the UI forms code and use it elsewhere.
> It was written to be modular.
> [*] Anyone know where I can get a faster object serialisation/deserialisation
> routine?
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Yuri Takhteyev
Ph.D. Candidate, UC Berkeley School of Information,