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Steve Heller wrote:
> I'm doing that right now as a result of an earlier suggestion. I'm
> also going to put my code on another computer and see if I can
> replicate the problems there.

TBH I'd be highly surprised if that were the problem. Memory faults on modern
computers usually result in crashes due to corrupted pointers, rather than
actual bogus data. (One of the older memory tests was to continuously rebuild
the Linux kernel for 12 hours. That's a *lot* of pointers. If it got through
that, provided you managed to make it use all the memory, you were probably
fine.) Still, it's best to be sure.

> No, there is no DirectX code, or any C code at all for that matter.
> There is nothing but I/O (disk and a little standard I/O to the
> screen) and numeric/string calculations, all done in pure Lua.

Can you give an example of one of the things that went wrong? For example,
line of code, before-and-after values for the variables?

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