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I am building a large application needing (Lua - of course) and also UTF-8 support.
Currently, I see three ways to proceed:
1) Write by myself a lua library to manipulate and convert strings from standard Lua strings to UTF-8 strings.
2) Patch the Lua distribution to manipulate UTF-8 strings 'natively' in Lua (but why do that if I can make an additionnal library)
3) Ask the Lua-List if there is already an existing wonderful library (or patch) to solve my problem :-).
Browsing the Lua-List archives, I've found this thread dealing with the exact same subject, but giving not precise solution at the end:
Asko Kauppi and Rici Lake seem to have already tackled this problem in the past. Did you finish this work? Is it already shared somewhere?
Thanks a lot for your help and have a nive day.

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