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On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 20:37:43 -0500, Irayo <> wrote:

>Steve Heller wrote:
>> Here's another data point: even running the debug mode
>> executable rather than the release mode executable
>> results in similar weird errors. So apparently it's
>> not a misoptimization in VS 2005 release mode that is
>> responsible.
>You might also try a binary from, say, LuaBinaries. 

Yes, I will try that tomorrow. Thanks.

> Unless, of course, 
>you've modified the Lua code or are compiling with nonstandard options, 
>in which case you should probably also tell us exactly what you changed, 
>as that might help.

I haven't changed anything in the Lua code. I don't know about
"compiling with nonstandard options"; could you explain further?

>It's also important to note what directory you're starting the program 
>from, and what files are in that directory.  Not sure exactly how your 
>version of the Lua executable is built, but it may end up loading 
>different DLLs, etc. based on what directory the executable is in and 
>what its working directory is.  Same goes for the Lua script, since you 
>say it loads data from files.

I don't believe there are any DLLs involved. I built lua.exe from all
the source files that make it up. The script loads a number of files
via both 'require" and direct loading.

However, none of those change between runs of the same data.

>And I assume that your program's behavior isn't ever determined by any 
>random numbers or the current time or anything like that....  :-P

Not intentionally.