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Steve Heller wrote:

Here's another data point: even running the debug mode
executable rather than the release mode executable
results in similar weird errors. So apparently it's
not a misoptimization in VS 2005 release mode that is

You might also try a binary from, say, LuaBinaries. Unless, of course, you've modified the Lua code or are compiling with nonstandard options, in which case you should probably also tell us exactly what you changed, as that might help.

It's also important to note what directory you're starting the program from, and what files are in that directory. Not sure exactly how your version of the Lua executable is built, but it may end up loading different DLLs, etc. based on what directory the executable is in and what its working directory is. Same goes for the Lua script, since you say it loads data from files.

And I assume that your program's behavior isn't ever determined by any random numbers or the current time or anything like that.... :-P