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Tomas a écrit :

This library is used for lua to acces
the luafilesystem functions, am I right?

The question is : is it
possible to built luafilesystem staticly in lua to avoid the use of a
shared lib?
	Sure!  You'll need to change the Makefile to build a static
library. Do you know how to do that?
Here is the makefile I wrote to build a static library (liblfs.a) as you sugested :

all: lfs.o compat-5.1.o lib

lfs.o : lfs.c
       gcc -Os -Wall -c lfs.c -o lfs.o

compat-5.1.o : compat-5.1.c
       gcc -Os -Wall -c compat-5.1.c -o compat-5.1.o

lib : lfs.o compat-5.1.o
       ar rcu lfslib.a lfs.o compat-5.1.o
       ranlib lfslib.a

clean :
       rm -f lfs.o compat-5.1.o liblfs.a

Is that ok?

Then, the static library should
be used to build the launcher executable,
Do I only have to add my newly created liblfs.a to the objects when linking the launcher?

BUT you'll have to call the
initialization function (luaopen_lfs) or register it at `package.preload'
table (this way, require() will find it when trying to load the package).
I've no idea of how to add luaopen_lfs in 'package.preload'... it sounds like chinese to me :-(

Enough for me today... See you tomorow!

Thanks again,