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Javier Guerra Giraldez a écrit :

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Julien MARBACH wrote:
I'm trying to install the Xavante webserver that has cgilua in its
dependencies, and cgilua needs Luafilesystem. Compiling cgilua includes
the build of luafilesystem. During the compilation of the luafilesystem
files I encountered the following compilation errors : (in the "make
cgi" process)

if you want CGILua just for Xavante, there's no need to compile it.  the
'make cgi' builds an executable that any webserver can launch.  since
Xavante is a pure Lua webserver, it doesn't need any launcher.

just put the lua sources of cgilua in the LUA_PATH.  the only things
that need compiling are loadable modules, like luafilesystem.

Hello again,
In fact I would like to build cgilua for my uClinux Boa Webserver. My real problem is that luafilesystem build creates a shared library (liblfs.?.so) and I don't want to use shared libraries because it's a real pain to use them in uClinux. This library is used for lua to acces the luafilesystem functions, am I right? The question is : is it possible to built luafilesystem staticly in lua to avoid the use of a shared lib? Will cgilua be still compatible with such a build?

Thanks a lot for your answers!