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Hello all!

Well, I don't want to sound like a zealot or anything, but is it possible to have a super Lua script that generate shell scripts or batch files or Makefiles to build the source? I know there's a "chicken-and-egg" problem here, but in my mind, this would be most appealing. To keep fstat related parts out of the base Lua (for file timestamp), the code dependency tree could just pedanticaly compile each file. It sure would be nice to have the config file represented as a Lua table, no?


On Apr 12, 2005 7:47 AM, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> wrote:
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Julien MARBACH wrote:
> hello,
> I'm trying to install the Xavante webserver that has cgilua in its
> dependencies, and cgilua needs Luafilesystem. Compiling cgilua includes
> the build of luafilesystem. During the compilation of the luafilesystem
> files I encountered the following compilation errors : (in the "make
> cgi" process)

if you want CGILua just for Xavante, there's no need to compile it.  the
'make cgi' builds an executable that any webserver can launch.  since
Xavante is a pure Lua webserver, it doesn't need any launcher.

just put the lua sources of cgilua in the LUA_PATH.  the only things
that need compiling are loadable modules, like luafilesystem.

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