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If you are interested in Game Architecture that is script-driven or
any scripting languages used in Game engine. You might want to read

- Game Programming with Python, Lua, and Ruby
ISBN: 1592000770

- Game Scripting Mastery
ISBN: 1931841578

Both of them cover Lua and how particular useful in Game project.

Hope this helps!


On Apr 8, 2005 2:49 AM, <> wrote:
> Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but do any readers of this list know of good books and resources for game engine design -- especially with a focus on scripting integration?  I've noticed many contributors to the this are working on game design.
> I saw an announcement for Lua Game Programming.  This might be exactly what I want, but it is not do out for several months (and seems to be slipping schedule).
> Thanks for any comments and suggestions.