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Once SDL gets recording capabilities, LuaX will support them.. within 24 hrs :)

6.4.2005 kello 02:57, David Olofson kirjoitti:

 On Tuesday 05 April 2005 21.46, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Probably is.

Right; still no audio input in the official versions, but there are
patches and add-on libs that do it on a few platforms at least. My
guess is it will get into SDL 1.3 and/or 2.0, since quite a few have
asked for it.

SDL is made for games, and there's not much recording

Not quite. SDL is made for multimedia, and games are just one form of
that. Either way, voice chat is pretty popular in some gaming
communities AFAIK, and there are other uses for audio input in both
games and other multimedia applications.

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