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Thanks for helping test the PocketPC port. I'm sure we'll be able to get it right with all the PocketPC systems; most of the work should already be done anyway.

For the first, do you have Pocket Console 1.3 installed? PocketPC has no text console by nature, and it needs to be added there. Luckily, PocketConsole 1.3 does this and is freely available.

It _could_ be that non-console apps (s.a. SDL demo) work without the above, but just making sure..

Also, be aware that the binary is newer than sources; we could continue the debug-until-working loop by private mail, to get all details ironed out. I already have some others to do this, as well. Within next week, it should be great, and then I'll make a new full release for all the platforms. Including source.


1.4.2005 kello 14:56, Juergen Luethje kirjoitti:


I've been lurking on this list for a while ...

First of all, many thanks to the Lua developers for this language, and
for providing it at no charge!

Asko Kauppi wrote:

Finally, also the graphical part of LuaX works on PocketPC (ARM)

Distribution is by self-extracting .CAB files (as easy as it can be..)
If you have a PocketPC device available to play with, any test reports
would be welcome.

Thank you, Lua on the PocketPC would be useful for me. Unfortunately,
I didn't manage to install your LuaX distribution properly. :-(
I have a HP iPAQ 1940, which has an ARM processor, and runs the
operating system MS PocketPC Version 4.20.1081.

I copied your CAB file to the PocketPC, "double clicked" at it, and it
seemed to install itself. Then under "Start" > "Programs", there were 3
new generic looking icons: LuaX (gfx demo), LuaX (SDL demo) and LuaX for
PocketPC. When I "click" at any of these icons, I get the following
message (translated by me from German):
"'luax' (or one of its components) couldn't be found. Please make sure,
that path and file name are correct, and that all required libraries are

In the LuaX directory there is a RTF file which I tried to read, but
Pocket Word couldn't open it.

Then I tried to uninstall the program (I don't know the original English
terms, so I hope the following is understandable). Under "Start" >
"Settings" > "System" > "Remove Programs" it reads
     :LuaX for PocketPC

I selected this entry and "clicked" at the "Remove" button, but nothing
happened. :-(

What can I do?