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I've been lurking on this list for a while ...

First of all, many thanks to the Lua developers for this language, and
for providing it at no charge!

Asko Kauppi wrote:

> Finally, also the graphical part of LuaX works on PocketPC (ARM)
> devices.
> Distribution is by self-extracting .CAB files (as easy as it can be..)
> If you have a PocketPC device available to play with, any test reports
> would be welcome.
> -ak

Thank you, Lua on the PocketPC would be useful for me. Unfortunately,
I didn't manage to install your LuaX distribution properly. :-(
I have a HP iPAQ 1940, which has an ARM processor, and runs the
operating system MS PocketPC Version 4.20.1081.

I copied your CAB file to the PocketPC, "double clicked" at it, and it
seemed to install itself. Then under "Start" > "Programs", there were 3
new generic looking icons: LuaX (gfx demo), LuaX (SDL demo) and LuaX for
PocketPC. When I "click" at any of these icons, I get the following
message (translated by me from German):
"'luax' (or one of its components) couldn't be found. Please make sure,
that path and file name are correct, and that all required libraries are

In the LuaX directory there is a RTF file which I tried to read, but
Pocket Word couldn't open it.

Then I tried to uninstall the program (I don't know the original English
terms, so I hope the following is understandable). Under "Start" >
"Settings" > "System" > "Remove Programs" it reads
     :LuaX for PocketPC

I selected this entry and "clicked" at the "Remove" button, but nothing
happened. :-(

What can I do?