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On Mar 31, 2005 11:50 PM, Andre Carregal <> wrote:
> > If I may make a suggestion, it would be great if all the core keppler
> > libs came in one package (tarball) with a central makefile (like how
> > say, projects like xfce do it).  Keppler could be released as
> > "releases", say - and list the versions of the components included.
> > eg.
> We are already doing this, but things got a little more complicated than we
> expected on the way. 

That's great! And a relief that you guys *are* thinking of ease of use
for users.

> Please bear with us, we believe Kepler is a great product and we hope to
> offer a nice experience for its users.

Don't worry, I'm with lua for the long haul!  I'll be tracking lua's
progress very closely, especially keppler since web-apps are my
primary interest.

And thanks also to Javier and Tomas! Looks like yours are solid
suggestions, I'll work on it this weekend. However, we really should
ensure that docs are in sync with code at package release time. No
sense in putting off new users, eh?

Actually, since I'll be using much of keppler myself, I would like to
contribute to it, maybe in documentation (for starters)? That's a good
way to learn, I have found. (and I sure have a lot to learn!)