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> I'd like to hear you "gut feelings" on three different ways to pass
> callback parameters to a Lua handler.
> It's about a fairly large buffer (say, 4096 8-bit integers) that the
> Lua side would be interested to get. Now, candidates are:

How different is this from the use case for a fast integer array described
in ?

For instance if we change:
    typedef struct NumArray {
      int size;
      double values[1];  /* variable part */
    } NumArray;

    typedef struct ByteBuffer {
      int size;
      uint8 values[1];  /* variable part */
    } ByteBuffer;

And follow/change the rest of the code described in this chapter
correspondingly, would it not be what you are looking for? 

It is possible that I entirely missed your point :-)

Vijay Aswadhati