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William Roper wrote:
I believe CVS wouldn't be adopted by Lua team, which is open to
suggestions and the (quite rare) bug reports, but likes to control
entirely the official source. Which isn't a bad thing, IMHO...

How is that stopped by having CVS?
It's just like any other server, they can have write access to check
things in, where the general public just has read access to pull down
the source.

It just makes it easier on systems like linux, because with a simple
cvs command you can download all the source and then make it.

No biggie either way.


Well, perhaps it is because I never really used CVS, except by Web interface.

From what you describe, I see no real advantage over a simple tgz file, except you can access individual files (which can be offered outside CVS access anyway, as currently on the Lua site).

Of course, you can access the latest instable source on which authors work, but I am not sure they will be delighted by the idea...

Well, another advantage could be the access to the whole history of Lua source, which can be educational.

But I see mostly CVS as a collaborative tool (and/or to keep history), that's why I was skeptical. And I see as an annoyance projects offering files only by CVS (no zipped file) because I don't want to install a CVS tool just to grap these files. But that is going off-topic, I fear.

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