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I'll post this to the main list that way comparisons can be done so the
best situation can be figured out for the lua site.

Basically, I run  Currently, we have 35 gigabytes of
transfer per month...and we're only using about 1 gig per month.

We have full control over the server (I run it and administrate it),
are currently running jabberd, apache, postfix, imaps, and a few other
things which are used via ssh tunnels to the server to bypass the

Our current disk makeup is as follows, indicating that there would be
plenty of space for the lua project.  We are running debian linux and
have a low load average  (17:37:38 up 18 days, 15:37,  1 user,  load
average: 0.07, 0.06, 0.01) (18 days since a kernel upgrade happened).  I
can also setup unlimited mail forwards for and allow a
ssh/sftp/scp access to update the server as well as cvs for revision
control for the web site.

/dev/ubda             391M  111M  280M  29% /
tmpfs                  45M     0   45M   0% /dev/shm
/dev/ubdf             690M  502M  182M  74% /usr
/dev/ubdc             739M  234M  506M  32% /home
/dev/ubdd             195M   19M  175M  10% /var/log
/dev/ubde             3.0G  1.4G  1.6G  47% /var/www
/dev/ubdg             292M   14M  275M   5% /var/cvs

Hope this helps,

Michael Bernstein

Alexandre Ribeiro de Sá wrote:
Good morning, I'm Alexandre Ribeiro de Sá, from Vortex Entertainment here in Brazil.

I hava a Lua mirror in my ( site and I can give a new host...
Just send what you need (php, asp, htm, mysql)...

Alexandre Ribeiro de Sá

Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

After more than three years of good services, Soho One, the current host
of the Lua site, is discontinuing its hosting services. So, we need a
new host.  It would be great if someone from the Lua community could
provide this facility.

The current site requirements are:

- 30MBytes of space (plus some space to grow)
- ~6 GBytes/month of data transfer (this is increasing continuosly...)
- a few (less than 10) email forwarding
- (ssh access to update it would be welcome)

-- Roberto


michael bernstein

Lead Developer
Simoniac Studios