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LuaJava is a scripting tool for Java. The goal of this tool is to allow
scripts written in Lua to manipulate components developed in Java. LuaJava
also allows you to implement a Java interface using Lua. 

LuaJava is part of the Kepler Project. Documentation is at:

Beta 3 changes:
- new function in lua luajava.loadLib, that opens libraries for Lua written
in Java.
- function LuaState.setGlobal now receives String, to work like Lua
- throws LuaException.
- new function LuaState.pushString(byte[])
- Bugs linking some lua functions to Java.
- minor bug fixes.

Windows binaries and source can be downloaded from the LuaForge page:

Best regards,
Thiago Ponte
Kepler Project

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