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Title: Lua memory usage


I am trying to use the eCos port of Lua 5.02.

I am running on embedded ARM7 with very little RAM.

Are there any benchmarking on memory usage of Lua?
How much RAM do the libraries need?

I found MAX_LUMEM in "llimits.h", but it doesn't seem to have any effect changing the value.
Tried changing MAX_LUMEM to 16kb, but my test app (sieve) still allocates more RAM than 16 kb according to gcinfo().

What is the supposed effect of MAX_LUMEM???

Is the Garbage collector thresshold only a setting to control when a garbage collect event will occur?

What posibilities are there for cutting RAM usage?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Johannes Hessellund Hansen
Software Engineer Trainee
Danfoss Drives
Motion Controls Division
Office DG-1204, Graasten, Denmark
Tel.: +45 7488 4530
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