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> Would it be possible to make the standard makefile such, that it'd work 
> on OS X out of the box.

As Adrián Pérez mentioned, the standard makefile already works out of the box
for Mac OS X. It just builds static libraries and binaries. Like it does on
all Unix platforms, I hope. (If not, please let us know.)

That's all we promise, really. Actually, as I mention in the installation
instructions for my Lua libraries, the simplest way to support dynamic
loading is to link your application *statically* with the Lua core library
(and perhaps with the standard Lua library as well), taking care to turn on
loadlib and the correct linker magic to allow external dynamically loadled Lua
libraries to see the Lua API functions. So, if you can do that, you don't need
shared libraries for the Lua core or the Lua standard library.

If you really mean shared libraries, then the Makefile and INSTALL explicitly
say that there's support just for Linux. (And I've been told that even this is
broken, for the lack of -fPIC, unless you're running Linux on Intel.)

I don't have (yet!) access to Mac OS X. When and if I do, and if the changes
in the Makefile and the rest are really trivial, then we'll support shared
libraries for Mac OS X out of the box. One thing that we can promise is that
Lua 5.1 will support native dynamic loading for Mac OS X.

I'd rather remove the whole shared library stuff from the Makefile; they are
a permanent source of noise.

> There was some discussion once on this, and it got rejected, am I right?

I don't remember.