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I was just comparing the Lua 5.0.2 core against the LuaPlus core to
determine what the extra baggage was.  The majority of the modifications to
the LuaPlus core are merely to support wide characters (even down to the
reading of Unicode files in llex.c).  The other modifications are minor in
comparison... Metatables for all data types and overridable callback memory
allocators (like Lua 5.1).  Finally, the only other change is the ability to
turn on a reference counting garbage collector, but that code is controlled
by a #define called LUA_REFCOUNT and COMPLETELY compiles out to the original
mark-sweep allocator.  All said, my belief is if you want full native
support for wide characters, you will expect to make just as many
modifications as LuaPlus did.


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Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 6:40 PM
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Subject: Changing the char type in 5.0.2

I was just wondering what the current state of the art is on changing the
char type. I have found LuaPlus, but that has a lot of extra baggage;
ideally I'd just like to change Lua's char type to wide character.

Anyone done this?

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