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Reuben Thomas wrote:

I was just wondering what the current state of the art is on changing the char type. I have found LuaPlus, but that has a lot of extra baggage; ideally I'd just like to change Lua's char type to wide character.

Anyone done this?

It may not be what you want but, some time ago i made a small library to handle utf8 strings with an interface similar to the string library provided by lua. The interface is the same (except for string.dump) and all returned strings are *userdata* objects, representing utf8 strings that can be passed to the ustring functions or even use its metatable (which is ustring itself). You can create new utf8 strings with the command "us ='string')" or just pass normal strings to the functions; these values will be automaticly converted to its internal representation. After that you can use normal operations on it "us:len()" etc. To get back to the lua string type, use "tostring(us)" or "us:cstr()". Normal string comparison also works. Implicit convertion to lua strings can also happen through its metatable __tostring function.

The drawbacks:
   it is not a "primitive" type, it is not the same as a lua string.
whenever an utf8 string is used it is converted from utf8 to wide character string internaly (not visible from lua)
(as you will notice, there isn't any kind of information apart from the description i am giving on this email)

Tested it on linux and win32 using gcc/mingw.

Hope it helps.