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El jue, 02-09-2004 a las 18:52, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo escribió: 
>  [...] Note that luaconf.h is a standard
> header now: it lives in include/ along with lua.h and friends. luaconf.h
> is *always* included when you include lua.h. It's actually the first thing
> lua.h does. This should go a long way to ensuring compatibility.

This is a Good Thing (tm), but Asko talks about the PROGNAME,  PROMPT1
and PROMPT2 macros. As I've seen these definitions are used in the
standalone interpreter (src/lua/lua.c), to show prompts. But they're a
thing related _only_ to the standalone interpreter, not to the entire
Lua distribution. I think those (PROGNAME, PROMPT1, PROMPT2) should be
#defined in lua.c, _and_ they might be enclosed between #ifndef's. Just
think about someone trying to make a custom interpreter (like the ones
found in LuaX and LuaCheia). Moving that three definitions into lua.c
does not break luaconf.h, even if they're enclosed between #ifndef's.