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Danilo Tuler wrote:
I prefer to define LUA_API and LUALIB_API in the makefile, so I can leave
the distro untouched.

I think it's critically important that configuration definitions which
affect compile/link-time compatibility belong to the headers (in the
absense of a portable pkg-config sort of system, which wouldn't help Lua
much because of Lua's embedding-oriented nature).  This is not
unprecedented (jpeglib, freetype).  Assuming that your app builds against
a header and library that match (i.e. are from the same tree) this is
(I think) the only reasonable mechanism by which separate lua-using
build componants can be confident of interoperability in the face of
a Lua build with unknown configuration parameters (and is so much
cleaner/nicer than having to edit the build systems for every
Lua-using componant and add -DLUA_BLAH=FOO etc.).