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luac-compiled scripts work fine on 32-bit ARM as long as you account for
the fact that many ARM processors have no FPU.

In that case luac and the Lua interpreter must be compiled with
lua_Number defined to be an integer.

It follows then that your scripts may only use integers.

This is something to consider when evaluating Lua for geometric


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> Subject: Re: Geometric data description
> Ashwin Hirschi wrote:
> > 
> >> Byte-compiled scripts may fare better, but as far as I 
> understand, they
> >> cannot be exchanged across different architectures 
> (correct me if I am
> >> wrong).
> > 
> > 
> > I thought the compiled scripts could be moved across 
> platforms as long 
> > as the respective CPU's shared the same int size.
> In my experience, this is sometimes untrue.  For example, 
> luac's output on x86 
> doesn't work with lua build for ARM, both using GCC.  I am of 
> course assuming 
> that GCC for x86 uses a 32bit value for int, but I think it 
> does.  ARM I'm 
> almost sure it does, and they're both little-endian.
> I suppose at one point I should investigate further.
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