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On Tuesday 29 June 2004 18:36, Brian Weed wrote:
> The email message format knows if it is a reply or not?  Very interesting.
> I assumed that the only indication that it is a reply is when "RE:" is
> prepended to the subject line by the client.
> My client also does not regard my "New Topic" email as part of the same
> thread as the original from which I replied, since it must follow threads
> by the subject.

The subject can only tell you which thread a message is part of. You need some 
other mechanism to determine exactly which message a reply is responding to. 
That mechanism is the In-Reply-To header.

> What clients are you guys using?

Standards-compliant ones. :-) KMail in my case.

Incidentally, while we're on the topic, almost as annoying are the broken 
clients which don't generate In-Reply-To headers. D Burgess and LHF are 
probably the most prolific posters wich such clients. Presumably they also 
don't display messages in threaded form? You people would benefit yourselves 
and everyone else by upgrading.

-- Jamie Webb