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[Yes, I know we're getting seriously off topic here, but I see this issue come up on many different e-mail forums. I think it's worth taking a moment to address it. -Eric]

Brian Weed wrote:

The email message format knows if it is a reply or not?  Very interesting.
Yes. Look at your original "New Topic" e-mail and do whatever it takes in your client to show all of the e-mail headers. (Most clients hide most of the headers to preserve your sanity; otherwise, you wouldn't see any of the text of the message without scrolling.) Unbeknownst to you, your client included the header line "In-reply-to: <>", which identified your message as a response to Jose's message on configuration files.

I assumed that the only indication that it is a reply is when "RE:" is
prepended to the subject line by the client.

My client also does not regard my "New Topic" email as part of the same
thread as the original from which I replied, since it must follow threads by
the subject.

What clients are you guys using?
I don't know what client others are using. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird ( I've attached a small screenshot of what it does with the threading information we've been discussing. It's quite nice (usually).


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