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>  Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:39:47 +0400
>  "Grisha" <> wrote:
>  Hi, Waldemar
>  I'v been looking for different GUI libs with ready bindings to Lua, and
>  encountered FLTK ( with Lua binding for it
>  (

Hi, here is a suggestion:

FLTK has  a second, C style  legacy API called forms.   There are also
some  references and examples  in the  internet concerning  the "Forms
library" which somehow is a predecessor of fltk.

It is quite straightforward to  bind this interface using plain tolua.
I  did  this  and I  am  quite  satisfied  with  this option.   It  is
straightforward as well  to add FL_Tabs and other  new classes to this
GUI, or to set up an OpenGL context writeable from Lua.

If I  will find the time to  do the release and  documentation work, I
could publish the code, but ... no promises.

Juergen Fuhrmann