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> > Windows messages
> You can provide named constants for single-bit selectors and, for the
> advanced users, allow a bit mask (LUA_TNUMBER) as the "event source"
> parameter of ev:add( ).

I was less worried about parsing the names for the selectors, but rather
how to map them to events. I will definitely allow numbers, too (just in
case Billy's engineers invent a new bit).

I think it would be sufficient to only use a single event id that gets
triggered when the MWFMO call indicates that a message is in the queue
(which depends on the mask passed to MWFMO of course). After all anyone
wanting to use this feature will already have a message dispatcher and
only needs to integrate it into event handling smoothly. Splitting the
queue up into different message types is not the job of the event handling
mechanism. Anyone complain, if my reasoning doesn't work for your app.

Oh and about Diegos complaint that this was geting out of hand: Support
for MWFMO instead of WFMO will only take a few more lines of code and
was requested. This is no different than asking for POSIX signals ...
I'm sure I will need that one, too (sooner or later). And the implementation
for this is not trivial.

Gee, I'm starting to become an advocate for Windows issues. What a strange
thought. ;-)