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> I have a proposal for LuaSocket ( could be 2.1 ;) ...).
> If I am a developer of a new socket object class (i.e.X25, serial, etc.), I
> want to have a standard hook ( callback or something...) to the select
> function in order to implement my "waiting for... function" replacement.
> At this moment, I can't figure out the way to do that, but I want to keep
> the library as clean as be possible.  I think it can complement the
> "pluggable" style of the library.

Mike Pall and I are working on an alternative to the select function
that doesn't suffer from most of its shortcommings. I will keep this in
mind and see if it is possible to make this new interface easy to extend
in the C side. For now, the select function will stay where it is.