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I have a proposal for LuaSocket ( could be 2.1 ;) ...).
If I am a developer of a new socket object class (i.e.X25, serial, etc.), I
want to have a standard hook ( callback or something...) to the select
function in order to implement my "waiting for... function" replacement.
At this moment, I can't figure out the way to do that, but I want to keep
the library as clean as be possible.
I think it can complement the "pluggable" style of the library.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 7:14 PM
Subject: Re: Does it make sense to add general file descriptor support to
LuaSocket 2.0?

> Hi Joe,
> > I finally download luasocket-2.0-beta. Thanks!
> >
> > I've also been playing with the getfd method. So far it does exactly
> > what I want it to under Linux. Very nice "dirty parts"... ;-)
> There are some bugs, of course. That's what a beta is for... :o/
> I will post an updated version soon, and after a few weeks I will
> release the beta2.
> > I'm fooling around to see if I can make changes to select.c so that
> > the win32 version uses some form of MsgWaitForMultipleObjects() with
> > the intent of supporting serial/network select()-ing in that
> > environment, too. I'll keep you posted.
> Let me know. As I posted, last time I checked the cygwin implementation
> used threads to select. Not nice.
> []s,
> Diego.